Think you can’t afford Essential Oils? Think again….


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Everyday Oils vs pharmaceuticals & other products
A price comparison

Have you been introduced to the amazing benefits of Young Living Essential Oils, but think “It sounds great, but I can’t afford them”? You are not alone! However, you may be surprised to discover that purchasing essential oils may actually save you money. You are probably aware of the health value of Essential Oils, but perhaps this comparison will also help you see the financial value as well.

Here are some important points to consider: A 15 ml bottle of YL essential oil contains 250 + drops, typically only 1-4 drops are used per application. Not only will a YL essential oil bottle last longer & have no side effects, but it has more uses & benefits! For instance, I can use Lemon essential oil for cleaning / sanitizing / polishing, air freshener, produce wash, heartburn, acne, cold sores, fever, gout, kidney stones, sore throats, depression, immune system boost, water purification, asthma, dandruff, weight loss, anxiety, cooking, and more! Plus, this one bottle is great for the whole family not just specific ages like pharmaceuticals. It will not expire if stored properly because Young Living has pure essential oils with no additives or extenders which can go rancid. Young Living is the ONLY brand I trust for my family. They have over 400 all natural, organic, 100% pure Therapeutic Grade oils, supplements, & personal care products – – absolutely the HIGHEST QUALITY oils available anywhere.

Young Living member prices listed below. Drug prices listed from &

1. Lavender Essential Oil – $23.50 ($0.09 per drop)
Motrin – $5.78 / 50 ct ($0.11 ea)
Zyrtec – $34.94 / 70 ct ($0.49 ea)
Claritin – $34.94 / 70 ct ($0.49 ea)
Benedryl – $3.94 / 24 ct ($0.16 ea)
Midol – $6.34 / 40 ct ($0.15 ea)
burn cream $5.97 / .75 oz ($1.32 per tsp)

2. Thieves Essential Oil – $33.75 ($0.13 per drop)
Chloraeptic – $3.28 / 18 ct ($0.18 ea)
Robitussin – $5.27 / 20 ct ($0.26 ea)
Sudafed – $6.48 / 24 ct ($0.27 ea)

3. Peppermint Essential Oil – $21.50 ($0.08 per drop)
Pepto Bismol – $5.62 / 40ct. ($0.14 ea)
Prilosec- $23.88 / 42 ct ($0.56 ea)
Zantac – $17.47 / 65 ct ($0.26 ea)
Icy Hot – $5.98 / 3.5 oz or $6.48 / 5 patches ($1.29 ea)
Biofreeze – $27.61 / 4 oz spray ($6.90 per oz)
Aspercreme – $5.42 / 2.5 oz ($2.16 per oz)

4. Valor Essential Oil – $21.75 ($0.08 per drop)
Bengay – $6.78 / 4 oz ($1.69 per oz)
Breathe Right Strips – $10.96 / 26 pk ($0.42 ea)

5. Lemon Essential Oil- $11.25 ($0.04 per drop)
Children’s Tylenol – $5.67 / 24 tsp ($0.23 ea)
Children’s Motrin – $5.67 / 24 tsp ($0.23 ea)
Tylenol – $8.95 / 100 ct ($0.08 ea)
Immodium ad – $4.98 / 72 ct ($0.06 ea)
Nivea cellulite cream – $10.62 / 2.5 oz ($0.70 per tsp)

6. Purification Essential Oil – $18.75 ($0.07 per drop)
Off – $5.48 / 6oz ($0.15 per tsp)
Clearasil – $5.97 / 6.78 oz ($0.14 per tsp)
Febreeze – $2.97 / 9.7oz ($.30 per oz)
Clean & Clear acne – $5.64 / .75 oz ($1.25 per tsp)

7. Peace & Calming Essential Oil $32.74 ($0.13 per drop)
Unisom – $7.82 / 32 ct ($0.24 ea)
Lexapro – $335.27 / 90 ct 5 mg ($3.72 ea)
Zanax- $359.54 /100 ct 1 mg ($3.59 ea)

8. Joy Essential Oil $39.75 (0.15 per drop)
Prozac – $265.63 / 30 ct 20 mg ($8.85 ea)
Zoloft – $189.13 / 30 ct 25 mg ($6.30 ea)
Paxil – $149.38 / 30 ct 10 mg ($4.97 ea)

9. Ningxia Red – $79.75 / 30 ct ($2.65 ea)
5 hr energy – $41.93 / 12 pk ($3.49 ea)
NOS high performance energy drink $20 / 6 ct ($3.33 ea)
Starbucks frappuccino – $10.42 / 4 pk ($2.60 ea)

More Young Living Oils under $20
10. Cedarwood – $11.25
11. Lime – $11
12. Grapefruit – $16.75
13. Orange – $10.75
14. Tangerine – $16.
15. Citrus Fresh – $15.25
16. Black Pepper – $18.75
17. Citronella – $17.75
18. Clove – $15.25
19. Cypress – $19.25
20. Dill – $15.75
21. Eucalyptus Blue $15
22. Eucalyptus Globulus $14.50
23. Eucalyptus Radiata $18.50
24. Fennel – $17.25
25. Ginger – $13.25
26. Goldenrod $14.50
27. Lemongrass $11.25
28. Melaleuca Cajeputi $18.50
29. Nutmeg $13.
30. Palmarosa $19.75
31. Pine $15
32. Rosemary $14.75
33. Spearmint $10.75
34. Wintergreen $17.75
35. Christmas Spirit $20
36. Grounding $16.75
37. Melrose $17.75

Let’s talk about medical bills, office visit co-pays, & insurance premiums for a moment. As a mom of 7 children, cold & flu season has been very costly to our family. I’m the mom that carries hand sanitizer with her everywhere & is a typical ‘germ-a-phobe’. In the words of Ernest T. Bass, I’ve even threatened to “hermitize myself” through the winter months. LOL! I hate it when my kids get sick. I really hate it. They’re pitiful, it breaks my heart when they feel bad, it’s very stressful when the sickness spreads from child to child as it inevitably will, & it can be quite dangerous. On top of watching my babies suffer, each year we would spend THOUSANDS on medical bills during cold & flu season. As a mom, I feel it’s my responsibility to do everything within my power to keep my family safe & healthy. So, I decided to take action. My plan was to invest in essential oils, use them, & avoid sickness if possible. So far, our number of sick days per year has dramatically decreased, praise the Lord! My family not only has benefited from filling our ‘medicine’ cabinet with fast, effective, natural, safe alternatives to those pharmaceuticals listed above, but it is helping my family financially, too. Being a good steward with our health as well as with our finances is part of my job as a wife & mother. As a YL member I automatically save 24%, plus, being an essential rewards member saves an additional 10-20% with reduced shipping and other bonuses.

Still think it sounds great, but can’t afford them? Really, you can’t afford not to! 


Real Neat Mom


Extra Special Introductory Giveaway!!

We are so excited to be offering an Extra Special Introductory Giveaway!

Everyone who places a wholesale or retail order in the month of August 2014 from using member # 1277060 will be entered into a drawing for a 15ml bottle of LEMON essential oil – one of our most popular oils! It is super refreshing & versatile. You’re gonna love it! :-)

You can use Lemon essential oil for:

  • heartburn
  • calluses
  • sore throat
  • blisters
  • detox
  • fevers
  • acne
  • immune stimulant
  • upset stomach
  • allergies
  • anxiety
  • lemonade
  • varicose veins
  • air freshener
  • laundry booster
  • cellulite
  • furniture polish
  • fruit & veggie wash
  • boost metabolism

Please continue to like & share our page – the more we grow, the more giveaways we’ll have! :-)


Real Neat Mom


Why my family likes using Essential Oils



There are oh so many reasons we LOVE using essential oils, but here is a brief list for starters. Young Living Essential Oils:

  1. are great to have on hand in emergencies,
  2. do not expire,
  3. are super concentrated – a little bit goes a long way,
  4. have a huge variety of uses,
  5. are all natural,
  6. contain no additives,
  7. are safe,
  8. work as a compact first aid — throw in purse & go,
  9. have no side effects,
  10. are simple, efficient & effective,
  11. were created by God,
  12. have been used throughout history,
  13. cost cheaper than most prescriptions,
  14. can be available for use at the first sign of illness without waiting for a Dr. appt. or prescription,
  15. provide instant relief,
  16. smell terrific,
  17. but mainly, we like using YLEO because THEY WORK!

EOs are super highly concentrated substances that have been used for thousands of years for their health, cosmetic, & emotionally uplifting properties. Young Living carefully extracts the oil through steam distillation & cold pressing, making them more potent — up to 100 times more — than the natural herbs and plants that they are distilled from which delivers quick and effective results. It requires a huge amount of plants to produce a small amount of essential oil. For example, it takes 3000 lemon rinds to produce 1kg of lemon essential oil & 16 lbs of peppermint leaves to make 1 ounce of peppermint oil. But, because it’s so concentrated, only a drop or two per use are needed. Pure therapeutic grade essential oils can be diffused, inhaled, applied topically, incorporated into massage, or taken internally.

We think essential oils are really neat :-)


Real Neat Mom


About Real Neat Mom

Welcome! I am so glad you stopped by! I am excited (and nervous) to begin my blogging journey! It’s been a long time; I hope I’m not too rusty for the blogosphere :-) I’ve always enjoyed writing & there are several topics I am passionate about that will likely show up on my blog from time to time – I think this will be a great place to share various tips & ideas.

What are some of my passions? Well, I’m a Christian, a wife to my wonderful husband of 21 years, a stay-at-home, homeschool mom of 7 blessings, an adoption advocate, and more! Above all, I strive to live my life to the glory of God. I am a work in progress :-) I am also very excited to share my family’s experience with Young Living Essential Oils!

I hesitantly began using them about 2 1/2 years ago (yeah, I was a skeptic – Lol!) But now my confidence is so strong & so sure of the benefits of these oils that I want to share what I’ve learned in hopes of helping others, too! My family of 9 uses them daily. We have replaced items in our medicine cabinet, household cleaners, & skin care products with Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. I invite you to join me as I learn more about this amazing gift God gave us in His creation.

Some of the information I share will be personal testimony; some may be borrowed wisdom from my YL mentors such as Stacy, Lori, & Kim (thanks for your support, ladies!). Please note, I am sharing this as a mom who uses essential oils in her own family & who has experienced the benefits first hand. Any information provided on Real Neat Mom’s blog is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to prescribe, diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. It is your responsibility to educate yourself & address any health or medical needs you may have with your physician. Please seek professional help when needed.

It’s easy to get started using therapeutic grade essential oils with your family; I’ll be glad to help you learn how. Purchases can be made at using my member # 1277060.

You will have 2 choices when you order:

Purchase as a retail customer -

  • Order at your leisure and have it shipped directly to your door.
  • Signing up is free and there is no obligation.

Purchase as a wholesale customer / independent distributor

  • Save 24% on retail prices
  • The minimum 1 time cost to sign up as a distributor is $40. The kit comes with a 5ml Stress Away, small samples of 5 of the Everyday Oils, along with samples of NingXia Red! A great value!
  • The only requirement is that you place a $50 order a year to remain an active wholesale customer.
  • Earn free product, be included in special promotions, and qualify for referral bonuses and commissions.
  • PLUS, if you choose to become a distributor using my reference number, I’ll send you a free essential oil reference book to help you learn how to start using your essential oils!

It’s super easy! There is NO obligation to sell. Ever! Seriously, there’s absolutely NO pressure – just one of the many, many reasons I love Young Living Essential Oils :-)

P.S. You may be wondering about the name Real Neat Mom. According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, the adjective NEAT can have several meanings:

  • pleasingly clean and orderly – (I try to be a neat mom.)
  • undiluted or free from irregularity (Neat is my favorite way to apply essential oils.)
  • marked by tasteful simplicity (I hope to have a neat blog with posts that are simple & brief.)
  • precise, systematic, marked by skill or ingenuity; cleverly effective in character or execution: i.e. a neat idea; a neat solution. (I think the different uses of essential oils are neat.)
  • fine, admirable. Slang. great; wonderful; (When I share ideas & solutions with my children, I often hear “That’s real neat, Mom!” :-)

I hope you’ll come back often!



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