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Everyday Oils – A price breakdown

Have you been introduced to the amazing benefits of Young Living Essential Oils, but think “It sounds great, but I can’t afford them”? You are not alone! However, you may be surprised to discover that purchasing essential oils may actually save you money. You are probably aware of the health value of Essential Oils, but perhaps you haven’t considered how many common products you can replace in your home with essential oils. Then you can see the financial value as well!

Note:  This list originally was a price comparison, between Young Living member prices & prices from walmart.com & drugs.com. However, due to new FDA restrictions, I’ve had to remove pharmaceutical names. Please feel free to look up prices & compare them yourself or message me for more information.

Here are some important points to consider: A 15 ml bottle of YL essential oil contains 250 + drops, typically only 1-4 drops are used per application. Not only will a YL essential oil bottle last longer & have no side effects, but it has more uses & benefits! For instance, I can use Lemon essential oil for cleaning / sanitizing / polishing, air freshener, produce wash, immune system boost, & water purification. It can be used to soothe corns, calluses, or bunions, improve circulation, eliminate waste from cells, & to enhance the flavors of foods. It is refreshing in water, beneficial for the skin, is a  powerful antioxidant, supports the nervous system, is revitalizing & uplifting! Plus, this one bottle is great for the whole family not just specific ages like many other products. It will not expire if stored properly because Young Living has pure essential oils with no additives or extenders which can go rancid. Young Living is the ONLY brand I trust for my family. They have over 400 all natural, organic, 100% pure Therapeutic Grade oils, supplements, & personal care products – – absolutely the HIGHEST QUALITY oils available anywhere.

Young Living member prices listed below.

1. Lavender Essential Oil – $23.50 ($0.09 per drop)

2. Thieves Essential Oil – $33.75 ($0.13 per drop)

3. Peppermint Essential Oil – $21.50 ($0.08 per drop)

4. Valor Essential Oil – $21.75 ($0.08 per drop)

5. Lemon Essential Oil- $11.25 ($0.04 per drop)

6. Purification Essential Oil – $18.75 ($0.07 per drop)

7. Peace & Calming Essential Oil $32.74 ($0.13 per drop)

8. Joy Essential Oil $39.75 (0.15 per drop)

9. Ningxia Red – $79.75 / 30 ct ($2.65 ea)
5 hr energy – $41.93 / 12 pk ($3.49 ea)
NOS high performance energy drink $20 / 6 ct ($3.33 ea)
Starbucks frappuccino – $10.42 / 4 pk ($2.60 ea)

More Young Living Oils under $20
10. Cedarwood – $11.25
11. Lime – $11
12. Grapefruit – $16.75
13. Orange – $10.75
14. Tangerine – $16.
15. Citrus Fresh – $15.25
16. Black Pepper – $18.75
17. Citronella – $17.75
18. Clove – $15.25
19. Cypress – $19.25
20. Dill – $15.75
21. Eucalyptus Blue $15
22. Eucalyptus Globulus $14.50
23. Eucalyptus Radiata $18.50
24. Fennel – $17.25
25. Ginger – $13.25
26. Goldenrod $14.50
27. Lemongrass $11.25
28. Melaleuca Cajeputi $18.50
29. Nutmeg $13.
30. Palmarosa $19.75
31. Pine $15
32. Rosemary $14.75
33. Spearmint $10.75
34. Wintergreen $17.75
35. Christmas Spirit $20
36. Grounding $16.75
37. Melrose $17.75

Let’s talk about medical bills, office visit co-pays, & insurance premiums for a moment. As a mom of 7 children, cold & flu season has been very costly to our family. I’m the mom that carries hand sanitizer with her everywhere & is a typical ‘germ-a-phobe’. In the words of Ernest T. Bass, I’ve even threatened to “hermitize myself” through the winter months. LOL! I hate it when my kids get sick. I really hate it. They’re pitiful, it breaks my heart when they feel bad, it’s very stressful when the sickness spreads from child to child as it inevitably will, & it can be quite dangerous. On top of watching my babies suffer, each year we would spend THOUSANDS on medical bills during cold & flu season. As a mom, I feel it’s my responsibility to do everything within my power to keep my family safe & healthy. So, I decided to take action. My plan was to invest in essential oils, use them to boost our immune system, & avoid sickness if possible. So far, our number of sick days per year has dramatically decreased, praise the Lord! My family not only has benefited from filling our ‘medicine’ cabinet with fast, effective, natural, safe alternatives, but it is helping my family financially, too. Being a good steward with our health as well as with our finances is part of my job as a wife & mother. As a YL member I automatically save 24%, plus, being an essential rewards member saves an additional 10-20% with reduced shipping and other bonuses.

Still think it sounds great, but can’t afford them? Really, you can’t afford not to!


Real Neat Mom